Why You Can’t Get Your Sliding Door to Open

Having a hard time getting your patio door to work? If so, you may be asking yourself why you can’t get your sliding glass door to open. In this article, we share common problems associated with sliding glass doors. Check it out to see if any of the issues below are applicable to your situation.

Dirty Door Rollers

Rollers are the mechanism that allows your door to slide open and close. They are fitted below the door and sit along tracks set within the main frame. Overtime, the can rollers collect dust and debris which will make it difficult to operate. A simple solution to fix this problem is taking your vacuum cleaner to it and using a microfiber cloth to get any additional debris off.

Busted Roller

If you’ve cleaned your rollers and are still experiencing issues, you may need to inspect your rollers further. As with anything, wear and tear are expected to happen. Check to see if you notice any damages or rusting on the rollers. If see any damages, you will need to replace your rollers with a fresh new set. In replacing them, it’s important to find the right set of rollers and have them mounted and adjusted accordingly.

Bent Tracks

Dirty or broken rollers are one of the most common sliding door problems. Another common issue is bent or damaged tracks. The bents can be anything from a small little bump to a severe one. Bents or disruption of the tracks can cause the doors to derail and make them hard to operate. Fixing bent tracks is a bit complex and requires the help of a professional. Depending on the severity of your case your tracks can either be reformed or might need to be replaced completely.

When to Call a Sliding Door Expert

Cleaning up a dirty door roller is easy, but when you’ve got a busted roller or bent track working with a professional is ideal. A professional sliding door expert has the tools and the experience to be able to help you get your door in order. A sliding door expert will be able to help you efficiently and effectively get your door to work. While it may be tempting to take on the task of repairing or making replacement yourself sounds tempting, spare yourself the time and the unnecessary costs should a mishap arise.

Sliding Door Repairs

Dirty rollers, busted roller, and bent tracks are common sliding door problems. At Sliding Door Repair Company, we offer top-notch door repair services that will allow you to use your sliding doors without any complications once more. Reach out with one of our experts today. Call us at (949) 259-5897 or click here to get started.