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Mirage Screen doors

Mirage Screen Doors: Delivering Quality and Innovation

  • Enhanced airflow and bug-free comfort with superior American made screen doors

  • Incorporating advanced design technology for energy conservation

  • Exceptional soundproofing and insulation features

  • Top-tier craftsmanship, aesthetic design, and unmatched functionality

  • The leading screen door manufacturer with exceptional service and warranty

  • 5-Star Consumer Rated Service and Warranty

We manufacture and distribute top-quality retractable screen systems and have been an industry leader since 1997. Our retractable screen doors, window screens, and large opening screens are built with high-quality raw materials to exacting standards by our focused and committed production team.

Mirage seeks to have more and more homeowners experience the functionality and beauty of our products each year. In doing so, we aim to elevate the quality of the customer experience when interacting with our company and our dealers.

In our more than 25 years of operation, we have learned that long-term thinking and acting can be hard – but is always worth it. Consistent dedication to a quality product is the key, but we have also learned that something as simple as always picking up the phone to provide responsive service is one of the most important functions of a successful business.

Screen door

The World’s Smoothest Retractable Screens

Mirage Screen Doors are meticulously designed and constructed for top-notch performance, utilizing cutting-edge energy conservation technology for optimal savings regardless of your location.

Designed for Better
Performance with Every Feature

Screen Door Features

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All screen components, excluding the mesh, have a lifetime warranty from manufacturer defects.

Brass Bushing

Our screens contain a brass bushing in the rolling mechanism that extends their life.

Pivot Pro Handle

The Pivot Pro allows for easy opening of your screen door.

Smooth Running

Our guide design, along with Teflon-infused plastics, creates the smoothest-riding screen in the industry.

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