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My sliding glass doors have been leaking. No other company would even look at the problem after I described it.  Tom knew exactly what to do, was quick, reasonable, and professional.

The job consisted of removing the old sliding doors, installing new tracks and re-installing one of the sliding glass doors.

Weeks of planning and hunting went into this project:

My sliding glass doors started to leak , but no one knew how to fix the leaking doors. Everyone wanted to install new doors- for about $20,000.

I asked them to repair a very large sliding glass that had gotten very hard to move.

In the end, they repaired three sliding glass doors and I ordered two new screens!

John responded to my Angie's list query the next day and arranged to have Eric stop by the day after that. Eric and his assistant arrived on time, assessed the situation and got immediately to work. They dismantled and repaired a very large slider that three other contractors had tried to repair over the last 18 years and never managed to improve. In twenty minutes they has cleaned, repaired and reinstalled the slider. They explained the problems, showed me the old and new parts for comparison and fine tuned the mechanism. Now the window that would take two men and a horse to slide open, slides smoothly and can be moved with one finger and then it glides silently across its runners.


My wife was beyond ecstatic! I had them do a second window that was really not too bad, but by comparison with the rebuilt one it was awful. Then I took them to my daughters house and had them rebuild them as well. They brought everything, cleaned up completely, and were in and out at having repaired all three sliding glass windows in under an hour. I could not be more happy.

our reviews

Was  very pleased with the high quality level of service I received for some repair work that I had preformed on some sliding patio doors by Quick Fix.  Eric Wharton and his colleague Justin showed up on time and were very efficient and effective while clearly demonstrating strong skills. I would highly recommend them for any window or sliding door repairs or installations.

Steve M


The Best service ever Tom called and sent a great neat professional team- yelp is the best for great ideas! Eric and team person did a clean net job! I will use them again.

Jean G

From the initial call, Tom took the time to understand our situation and then educate me.

I had expected that we needed to replace the door and was prepared to call several places for quotes. Tom detailed the options an explained that replacement was likely unnecessary. For the actual service call, they arrived early and completed the job quickly- excellent service. The sliding glass door that was so difficult to open and close now moves effortlessly. 5 starts without hesitation.

Jonathan S

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 "These guys are pro. I have always struggled with the sliding door repair usually resorting to wd40. After seeing how the experts do it I would never consider trying itmyself. It takes a few days to mentally adjust to not pulling the door hard...fells like the door is on skate board wheels" 

Lance R

"This is the best thing to happen to our house in years!!We thought we needed new patio doors since they were difficult to slide and these wonderful, polite and professional peole saved our sliders.  I was only going to have one worked on thinking to myself it was impossible to fix and they did it!! The door opens with hardly any effort, so I had them fix all the rest!!!"


" These guys are Great! My sliders would not side or move. They came on time, called in advance,assessed the situation on 3 Large sliders and came up with a fix. They did not try to up the job problem or jack up the price, as many have done in the past. They fixed all my sliders promptly and with skill. They know their job and are EXPERTS!

They were clean workers and cleaned up as they went along. You would knot know they were here, no dust or anything! Just wonderfully smooth sliding doors. Teh! the price was very reasonable too. I recommend this company"