How to Tell If You Need a Window Repair or Replacement

Windows are some of the finest features of our homes. They let in natural light and fresh breezes and contribute to your home’s look and style. We can’t live without our windows, but they sometimes cause big issues for homeowners as they age or fall apart. When your windows reach unpleasant situations, will you find solutions in repairs or a full replacement? This blog will cover how to tell if you need a window repair or replacement for your home. 

Window Issues to Solve with Repairs

Sometimes your windows will need replacing, but other times, a repair can be the best option. Before, the general practice was to remove and replace most windows with any damage, especially those with wood frames. The approach has recently shifted as homeowners search for ways to reduce costs while preserving their home’s unique or custom features. Here are some common examples of problems that can be solved with repairs:

Minor Cracks, Chips, or Scratches  

When paint or wood stain is chipping and peeling away around your frames, it’s unsightly and leaves the wood underneath vulnerable to issues like wood rot. A repair sands away the old paint or stain and refinishes your frame with new paint or stain and sealant. Small chips, cracks, and scratches in your window’s glass can also be repaired without replacing the whole window. 

Rotted Wood 

Wood rot is decay caused by wood-eating fungi requiring a high moisture content to develop. If you think there’s a patch of rotted wood around your windows, test it by pressing down on the area. If it sinks in with little or no resistance, you’ve got wood rot. A window specialist can replace the rotted wood without replacing the glass. For smaller areas of rot, the rotted bits can be scraped out and filled in with epoxy.

Difficulty Opening and Closing 

Opening your windows is important when you want fresh air or need an emergency exit. If it has become hard to open or close your windows, a repair can fix it as long as the frame and glass are in good condition. The repair will depend on what’s causing the window to be difficult. Some possible causes are:

  • Rusty or loose hinges and springs
  • Layers of paint built up over time
  • Settling of the house has caused the frame to warp
  • The opening mechanism has come off its track

Signs Your Windows Need to be Replaced

If window glass is severely cracked, broken, or shattered, it will need replacing. Other signs your windows need replacing include when a window cannot lock unwanted air and moisture out of your house. It’s no fun to be uncomfortable or to see your energy costs increase because of malfunctioning windows. On the upside, this is the perfect opportunity to install modern, energy-efficient windows to save money. Some possible signs that a replacement is the best option are:

  • An excessively high energy bill
  • Drafts
  • Glass in dual pane windows is cold to the touch
  • Fog caused by condensation trapped between panes is visible
  • Frames are damaged, rotten, or warped
  • Noise comes in through the glass easily and disturbs you while you’re inside
  • You want to change the style of your windows to boost curb appeal and value

Trust The Sliding Door Repair Company with Your Repair and Replacement

Whether your windows are crying out for repair or replacement, you’ll need an experienced window specialist to get the job done right. Our team of professionals at The Sliding Door Repair Company has years of experience repairing and replacing windows for homes in Orange County. We’re passionate about our work and look forward to helping you with your project. Call us at (949) 259-5897 or contact us through our website!