3 Common Window Problems

At a fundamental level, windows provide our homes with light, views, and ventilation capabilities. Nowadays, with new developments in window technology, they can give us so much more. Depending on the window type you choose, you can get ones that can help insulate your home better, allow you to regulate your indoor temperature more effectively, and ultimately lower your monthly electric bill spending, among many other benefits. While new advancements in window technology are readily available, you may be hesitant to make the swap without inspecting your existing set first. How are your windows holding up these days? Our latest article shares 3 common window problems worth looking out for as they typically warrant new replacements.

Drafts, Leaks, or Condensation

Drafts, leaks, and condensation are common issues with old and outdated windows. They aren’t to be taken lightly, as they are a sign of a much bigger problem that only leads to more complications. Over time window seals eventually wear out, unraveling beyond repair. The seals are meant to keep the hot air out during the summer and in during the winter, serving as an insulation element. When your seals become compromised, your HVAC system is forced to go on overdrive to offset the changing temperatures. This can make it incredibly challenging to regulate your home’s internal temperature, costing you a great deal in doing so. Additionally, broken seals can cause your windows to let in unwanted water and moisture (condensation), leading to a whole other set of complications. Water-related problems include the growth of mold, staining, and flooding.

Hard-to-Operate Windows

Nothing is as frustrating as dealing with a set of windows that won’t operate as they should. Poor functioning windows can be a result of several complications. It can be a sign that the tracks in your windows are no longer viable, the moving parts are kaput, or the hinges are too worn out. Hard-to-operate windows are an excellent reason to get new windows. What good is a set of windows if you can’t use it as you should and when you want to? New and modern windows are unlike old ones in that they are made to last longer than ever.

Inadequate Home Protection

Old windows won’t protect your home in the same way modern windows do. If you have old window weather intact or otherwise, there’s no doubt new windows can help serve you better. It’s no secret that the summers in Southern California can be brutal. This fact alone is an excellent reason to replace any old and outdated windows in your home. As mentioned, there are many new advancements in window technology. New windows are made to provide homeowners with all the basic windows functions and more. New windows have energy-efficiency features that have never been seen before. They are made to help protect homes against the sun in more ways than one, blocking out the heat and harmful UV rays. And what’s more, modern windows can also help reduce noise pollution and equip your home with enhanced security.

Modern Window Replacements and Installations

There are many reasons to replace any old windows in your home, whether you have issues with your old windows or would like to reap the benefits of modern window replacements. If you’re interested in making the switch or want more information on new window replacements, don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members. We are more than happy to assist you! Call us at (949) 259-5897 or visit our website!